Noor Palestine Solar Program

Schools Solar Program
Schools Solar Program

Massader was selected by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) to develop a national program to deploy solar PV systems on the rooftops of public schools and universities in Palestine. The Palestinian cabinet issued a resolution setting this program into motion in September 2017. 

The Schools Rooftop Program will cover 500 public schools across Palestine. In the first stage, with a total generation capacity of 35 MW, to be deployed over three years.

Under the program, Massader will mobilize financing for the rooftop solar system. The electricity produced from the solar systems will cover the relevant schools electricity consumption based on a net metering scheme. Massader will sell the excess electricity produced in the PV system to Palestine’s electricity distribution companies at competitive rates compared to electricity imported from Israel. 

The rooftop solar program will provide several benefits for the involved stakeholders. For the MoEHE and the Palestinian government, the program will create significant savings in the cost of electricity bills for public schools. The program is projected to cover part of the schools’ expenses, as well in the form of small petty cash amount. Further, the program will have a broader, systemic impact by creating awareness of green power in public schools and weaving sustainable energy practices into Palestine’s teaching environment. 

The program will also generate benefits for Palestinian electricity distribution companies by making electricity available at lower costs than what is currently available from Israel, in addition to reducing technical losses. At the national level, the program brings Palestine closer to energy independence and strengthens the country’s commitment to renewable energy.