Noor Palestine Solar Program

Utility Scale Solar Parks
Utility Scale Solar Parks
Net Metering Model

Massader is developing Utility scale solar parks as part of its Noor Palestine Solar Program. Massader is currently building three Utility Scale Solar PV Plants in Tubas, Jericho, and Jenin, with a total generation capacity of 21.5MW. These three PV plants are developed using the net metering scheme under the renewable energy law of Palestine.

Massader is developing these PV plants for the benefit of local electricity customers who will use the produced power from the PV plant to set off their electricity consumption bill through “Net-Metering”. For optimization purposes and to enjoy the advantages of economy of scales, each PV plant is developed for a number of customers from different sectors being pooled together where each customer owns a part of the plant capacity according to its individual consumption needs. As such, the electricity produced from the PV plant will be shared among those customers after deducting the wheeling charges to the distribution company in accordance with the applicable regulations. This model is designed to achieve economies of scale where the cost of capacity installed will be lower than the case of rooftop PV systems constructed for each individual consumer. Additionally, this enables the development of the PV plant far from the consumer premises and hence overcoming the challenge of limited land or rooftop availability in commercial areas in Palestine.  

The PV plants will contribute to the development of a variety of strategic sectors in Palestine. The Tubas PV plant with a capacity of 8 MW is geared toward the water energy nexus and boosting the agricultural sector; the Jericho plant with a capacity of 8 MW toward the commercial and public sector, and the Jenin plant with a capacity of 5.5 MW toward the industrial sector.

Massader will develop and commission the plants in partnership with qualified EPC contractors, and then handover the plants to customers. Each of the customers will own a share of the plant and its power output covering the customers electricity consumption under the net metering scheme, and in essence turning each electricity customer to a local producer of electricity to cover his own consumption. 
Massader’s solar parks program gives the SME and public sectors a reliable, independent form of clean and renewable power generation. The program’s sustainable business model serves as a shining example for future solar investments in Palestine.

PPA model

In parallel to the Net-Metering model,  Massader embarks on an ambitious plan to develop utility scale solar PV plants using the PPA model. Massader will build, through qualified EPC contractors, 2 medium scale Solar PV plants with a capacity of around 7 MWp in addition to 1 or 2 large scale plants with a capacity of 115MW and will sell the electricity produced from those solar PV plants to PETL (Palestine Electricity Transmission Company) through a long term Power Purchase Agreements.