About Massader

Massader for Natural Resources & Infrastructure Development

Established in 2015, Massader is a national leader in renewable energy and natural resources. Massader invests in strategic large-scale projects aimed at improving energy security, green power, and digital infrastructure. Our mandate is to maximize developmental impact in Palestine to enable a self-sufficient energy sector while strengthening the diversification of our economy to enable Palestinians to thrive.

At Massader, we lead the development and investment of solar projects in Palestine (Noor Palestine Solar Program) and the development of large-scale projects such as Gaza Marine, Jenin Conventional Power Plant, and the West Bank Oil field.

Massader is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Palestine Investment Fund’s (PIF) and serves as a national catalyst for energy development, particularly in renewable energy.

Massader is guided by the following objectives:

  • Contribute to Palestine’s energy security
  • Prioritize investment in clean and renewable energy
  • Build partnerships with local institutions and attract foreign investment
  • Catalyze economic growth and job creation

Investment Programs: Massader is leading a $2.4 billion investment program which combines the resources of the public sector with the capabilities of the private sector. Massader’s investment program includes the following projects:

  • Development of the Gaza Marine Offshore Natural Gas Field
  • Development of the Jenin gas fired Power Plant
  • Noor Palestine Solar Program
  • Exploration and Development of the West Bank Oil Field
  • Midstream and downstream of Petroleum products.
  • Energy Efficiency.